Learning to be social again

The covid lockdowns had a huge impact on everyone. For myself, there was a huge change to how I engaged with other people. The pandemic wasn’t the only reason for this, as I’ve mentioned before, I had quit drinking and one of the tools I relied on to help me mask had been removed. SoContinue reading “Learning to be social again”

New Year, Same Me

New Year, Same Me New years is traditionally a time to make resolutions. An opportunity to set unrealistic goals, simply because the year has increased by another digit. For some, this approach works well. For many, it all gets forgotten about a week into January. However, I try to avoid resolutions entirely. Don’t get meContinue reading “New Year, Same Me”

Improving a trip to the doctor

Despite my constant encounters with emergency services and specialists over the course of my life, I still struggle to manage my health when other people are involved. Today, I want to take a look at some of the issues I experience and the steps I’m taking to help make things easier on myself and others,Continue reading “Improving a trip to the doctor”

Let’s talk about Twitch baby

For those of you who don’t know, I stream on Twitch. Well, I try to, with various degrees of success. I have been lucky enough to reach affiliate level (where you can get payouts via subscriptions and bits). I actually enjoy streaming, when I can bring myself to do it. After some discussions, I haveContinue reading “Let’s talk about Twitch baby”

The Late Diagnosis Ripple Effect

It’s been a few years since I got my diagnosis. If anything, I have found it has brought up more questions than answers. I want to look at things I have recognised and ways I want to improve. I need to start this by pointing out that my main source of information has been friends.Continue reading “The Late Diagnosis Ripple Effect”

Building a routine

In many of my posts, I have mentioned wanting to build routines and structure. This has always been something I have struggled with. From seemingly simple things like personal hygiene, to larger tasks like attending meetings or making important phone calls. In the past, I assumed that my struggles in implementing routines were down toContinue reading “Building a routine”