Not Broken, Just Different

Welcome to the blog of a random internet weirdo. Here I’ll be exploring my journey through life as I discover more about my autism and epilepsy. I’ll also be using it as a space to let loose and talk about some of the more fun parts of life, like video games and streaming.

Feel free to get in touch with requests on things you’d like to see, or with general feedback. I’m always open to suggestions. In the meantime, have fun exploring the site and getting to know me better.

  • Me and MY GP
    I have not really touched on my experiences with my GP. There are many reasons for that. Mainly because I don’t want to just vent or make assumptions about the current state of the NHS. However, recently I have started to think about the impact that my GPContinue reading “Me and MY GP”
  • Learning to be social again
    The covid lockdowns had a huge impact on everyone. For myself, there was a huge change to how I engaged with other people. The pandemic wasn’t the only reason for this, as I’ve mentioned before, I had quit drinking and one of the tools I relied on toContinue reading “Learning to be social again”
  • New Year, Same Me
    New Year, Same Me New years is traditionally a time to make resolutions. An opportunity to set unrealistic goals, simply because the year has increased by another digit. For some, this approach works well. For many, it all gets forgotten about a week into January. However, I tryContinue reading “New Year, Same Me”
  • Why am I angry
    There are days when I just find myself angry for no apparent reason (or because of insignificant things). They can be really tough to navigate. Especially when I put so much effort into understanding the why and hows. Today I’ll take a look at how my anger manifestsContinue reading “Why am I angry”
  • Impulse Control
    The past month has made me much more aware of impulse control. It is something that causes issues, not to mention difficulties explaining things to others. To many, it looks like I spend money without thinking, to the detriment of myself and others. While I see the purchasesContinue reading “Impulse Control”

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